HermitEngine's HOSAS Setup

8 April 2021 is a glorious day. That’s the day I received my pair of VKB Gladiator NXTs. I finally have enough buttons at my disposal to not depend on Voice Attack any longer.

My journey in Elite Dangerous VR began in 2016 and I have been playing on and off ever since. Other than flightsticks, my basic hardware has remained the same. An Oculus Rift CV1, paired with a 1080 GTX. I have had thoughts about upgrading to a HP Reverb G2, but worry that my 1080 wouldn’t be able to keep up with it, and graphics cards are so expensive nowadays. However, the good old Rift has proven reliable and trustworthy and looks like it is a long way from giving up the ghost.

VKB Bindings

These are the bindings I eventually settled on. I used Joystick Gremlin to combine them and my TFRP Flight Rudder Pedals that were left over from my previous twin T16000M setup into one massive controller for Elite Dangerous to consume.

By the way, now that I have had them, I absolutely do not recommend rudder pedals for Elite Dangerous. Perhaps it is just because I got relatively cheap ones, but I could not find a good use for the actual “rudder” part of it. I tried to use it to control yaw, pitch, and even just lateral thrusters. They have proved fully unsatisfactory and hard to control in any one of these roles. I could see them being awesome if you were flying a propeller plane or helicopter, but for a space-craft operating in a pseudo-physical universe, it just bleeds speed unless you are able to keep it absolutely neutral the majority of the time. Right now, I just use the toe-breaks to control forward and reverse thrust and leave the rudder unbound. If I were to get another set of pedals, I would get race-car pedals.

Other than Joystick Gremlin, software that continues to contribute to my enjoyment include: