Elite Dangerous Personal Assistant

EDPA is a helper tool for the space simulator Elite Dangerous.


Download Latest Version: 0.3.1

When I came back to Elite Dangerous for the umpteenth time, ready to engineer new ships and explore the galaxy, I was at once reminded of the woes of VR players. Typing is always an inconvenience, whether it be entering a system in the galaxy map, or finding the said system on offline tools like EDDB and Inara. Hence EDPA was born.

The premise is simple. Have a list of keyboard hotkeys that can be triggered by programs like Voice Attack, Joystick Gremlin, Autohotkey or JoyToKey. Use these to find systems/stations from an internal database. Automatically copy they system name to the clipboard so a bound Ctrl+V can paste it right into the galaxy map. Voila! Keyboard-free!